Virtual Training Shooting Simulator

Concealed Carry Classes Of Denver now offers a virtual training simulator. The simulator offers realistic training in firearms through target shooting and also our video scenario pro. Our software and hardware will provide a top of the line theatrical experience.


Smokeless Range:

Our smokeless range provides 8 different ranges. This is perfect for doing some fun target shooting, all the way to teaching someone new how to shoot correctly. This is perfect for brand new shooters who have never shot before. Things such as proper grip, trigger pull, stance, sight alignment, follow through and safety handling can be taught and tested for a student. This will provide a safe environment and provide confidence once the brand new shooter goes to a live shooting range.

Video Scenario Pro:

The video scenario pro allows someone to be tested and trained in over 65 real life situations. This can be anywhere from someone trying to rob a convenience store to someone breaking into your house. The instructor has the ability to change the outcome, based on the students reaction to the situation. This one of a kind training is some of the best a student can experience in order to test what they would do in a real life situation.

Concealed Carry Classes:

If you sign up for one of our CCW classes, you will receive the simulator training for free. We are the only instructors in town who offer a CCW course and free shooting simulator time. We guarantee at least 2 scenarios per student. This is all based on time and number of students. Some students could receive up to 4 or 6 scenarios.

$45 for 1 hour (up to 4 shooters)

$85.00 for 1 hour (up to 8 shooters)

Mobile Pricing:

$125.00 per hour (unlimited shooters)

This package is available for corporate events, parties, training sessions and etc.

Disclaimer: Mobility is only available if you have enough space and a low lit area. The system will only work in dark rooms and environments. A large room is needed with enough space for everyone to move around freely. A $375.00 non refundable deposit is required with a minimum of 3 hours.

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