Weapons Master & Armorer Services For Movie/TV Production

At Conceal Carry Classes of Denver, we provide professional experienced weapons masters who are certified instructors with extensive firearms backgrounds. We will assure and provide safe, smart and legal firearms handling and instructing. All our weapons masters have had thousands of hours in training, teaching, shooting, handling, advising in the firearms industry. All our weapons masters are insured.

Before any firearms are allowed on set, all film production staff on set will be required to take a five hour gun safety course. All staff will have to demonstrate that they can safely handle a firearm and will be required to pass a test.

While on set, the only authorized persons who can handle the firearms will be strictly the weapons master and their assistant weapons masters. The only exemption will be when actresses or actors need to use the firearm as prop during a scene. The weapons master will have the ultimate say when it comes to firearms or weapons on set. If anytime the weapons masters rules are not obeyed and respected, that person will get a warning and a second violation will ban that person from handling a firearm ever again.

Contact us for questions and bookings. We provide hourly and daily rates. We also provide gun rentals, blanks and gear rentals that must be pre paid. All bookings must be pre paid.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you.

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